We offer home visits by our Doctors for medical conditions requiring attention when your own GP is not available. Once a locum Doctor has visited you, we will send the treatment notes and relevant information to your GP for follow up and ongoing medical attention.

Please have your Medicare card handy when you call us. Our friendly operator will book your call and assign to a Doctor working in/around your area. Before visiting your home, a Locum Doctor will call you for a phone triage, and will provide any instructions that are necessary depending on your medical condition.  You will also be advised about the approximate time when the Locum Doctor will be able to visit you.

Please note that we prioritise patients depending on their medical condition, the area our Locum Doctor is working in and certain other factors. If at any time you feel your condition has deteriorated, please call our call centre again so that we can advise you of appropriate action to take.

DALD Doctors carry a supply of emergency medicines with them and will be able to administer these when medically necessary. They also carry majority of normally prescribed medicines and will administer starting doses so that the patient can fill in the prescription the following morning.

If there is any unforeseen delay, our call centre operators will call you and inform you of the delay.